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The proposed three million five hundred thousand dollars, 9-floor building project in Accra, Ghana, aims to address the growing demand for modern commercial and residential spaces in the city. This feasibility study assesses the viability of the project through market analysis, financial projections, technical assessments, legal and regulatory analysis, and risk assessment. The findings indicate that the project is financially, technically, and legally feasible, with positive returns on investment and potential for long-term sustainability.

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is experiencing rapid urbanization and population growth, driving demand for high-quality commercial and residential properties. The proposed building project seeks to capitalize on this demand by providing modern and sustainable spaces that meet the needs of businesses and residents in Accra. The project aims to contribute to the development of the city’s
real estate market and enhance its urban landscape.

9-Floor Building Project in Accra, Ghana

Accra’s real estate market is characterized by strong demand for commercial and residential properties, fueled by population growth, urbanization, and economic development. Analysis of market trends reveals a shortage of modern, high-rise buildings offering premium amenities and services. The proposed project targets the growing middle-class population and businesses seeking centrally located office spaces. Competitive analysis identifies key players in the market and assesses their offerings, pricing strategies, and market positioning.